Tips to create event stage design

It can be quite simple to create a platform for speakers and presenters as compared to set up that of a fantastic performance stage. If you want to your event to be successful, there are several factors to take into account. For instance, you need to take meticulous details such as accessibility, size, and lighting seriously.

This means that event managers must put a lot of effort to arrange things as they are required. In this way, they can achieve perfection needed with each event. The following are some top tips that can help you create a great impact on the audience.

Audio is clear and loud

tg23wedf6hwedu29kj2o9o2k2Quality sound is of great importance in case of any particular event. This is because it helps in conveying messages to the audience. In this way, it enhances the experience of the audience. You need to ensure that there is an optimal sound distribution across your venue. It is advisable to place a speaker in each corner of the venue. If your venue has a capacity of 100, then you need at least four speakers.

Use appropriate lighting

One of the unwritten rules in event planning is that lighting ought to be installed appropriately. It is unfortunate that stage lighting is usually underestimated and a forgotten thing among many theater planners. However, it plays a great role during the event and also for the photos and videography. Ensure you use a console to control the lighting of the whole room. Remember that a lot of people move to the venue as they give their speeches. In this case, you need a minimum of two lights.

Correct height

t2gvw3edfc7hwed8j2ol22You ought to consider the comfort and line of sight of your audience when you choose appropriate elevation of your stage. For any particular presentation of a hundred seated audiences, two feet off the ground is appropriate. Also, you need to consider total clear view which is available. You can raise the stage height to a maximum of 5 feet. However, this is dependent on the size of your audience.


You can inquire from speakers on the type of microphones they should use when giving their speeches. Some speakers like moving around on stage for effective communication. Others like remaining static on the lectern. You should be ready for all situations. Thus, you should have lapel mics and even cordless mics. Ensure that your event crew is always ready after each presentation.